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Publishing Background

David Bowman
When his then American publisher went spectacularly bust in mid-2009, leaving him severely out of pocket in terms of the work he'd done for them as both an author, an editor and a cover-artist, David realised that in partnership with another author in the same boat they had the skill set to go it alone.

From that genesis a company was born. With over 70 authors in the same boat with that publisher alone - enough of them came forward to ask if they could be included in the fledgling business in order to get their books back "out there" for the company to achieve crucial critical mass.

Everyone says publishing companies fail or grow in the first two years. Since Bluewood has now survived, and more than survived for more than 4 years, double that threshold, we have confounded our critics.

Bluewood cannot claim to be more than it is, a small independent small-press publisher, but it's still here, and making a profit.

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Short Stories

Romance stories are written under the nomme de plume of Marion Davids, and for straght historical work and sci-fi, he uses the name A.F. Allen. Alternative history stories are under his real name.